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NCBI Bioinformatics Center   
EMBL Bioinformatics Center   
PubMed Biomedical literature   
GenBank Nucleic acid sequence
SRS at EMBL/EBI Nucleic acid sequence
Entrez Genome Genome sequence
TIGR database Genome sequence
GenBank (protein) Protein sequence
SWISS-PROT at ExPASy Protein sequence
PIR Protein sequence
Protein Data Bank Protein sequence
RESID Post-translational modifications
ENZYME Biochemical and biophysical information
BIND Biochemical and biophysical information
KEGG Biochemical pathways
OMIM Disorders Database
LocusLink Gene information
PubGene MedLineから自動抽出したヒトイデンッし発現量DB
PartsList アミノ酸立体構造予測
InterPro プロテオーム関連DB
FullLengthcDNA HumanのFull Length cDNA8000本
ATCC STR(Short Tandem Repeat) and cDNA database
World data centre for Microorganisms Microbial database
JFCCバクテリア、ウイルス Culture collection
NCCB mutant strains
SRS EMBLE database search
Codon Usage Database Database of Codon usages
SANGER Portal site for bioinformatics
genbank updata GenBank Updata information
シロイヌナズナデータベース シロイヌナズナゲノムデータベース
HGREP ヒトゲノム再構築プロジェクト
dbSNP NCBIのSNPデータベース


DatabaseList ゲノム解析班のデータベースリスト
NAR Database NARデータベース特集
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