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Book about G-language System

  • "Learning Bioinformatics with Open Source Software", (in Japanese), Japan Open Bioinformatics Research Group, Tokyo Denki University Press, 2008, (ISBN4501622601)

Publication about G-language System

  • "G-language Genome Analysis Environment: a workbench for nucleotide sequence data mining", Arakawa K, Mori K, Ikeda K, Matsuzaki T, Kobayashi Y, Tomita M, Bioinformatics, 2003, 19(2):305-306 (PubMed).
This is the main article. Please cite this paper when you publish your research work using G-language System.
  • "G-language System as a platform for large-scale analysis of high-throughput omics data", Arakawa K, Tomita M, Journal of Pesticide Science, 2006, 31(3):282-288(PDF).
This is a review describing G-language System and related software packages. Please also cite this article.
  • "Computational Genome Analysis Using The G-language System", Arakawa K, Suzuki H, Tomita M, Genes, Genomes and Genomics, 2008, 2(1): 1-13 (PDF).
This review describes the algorithms implemented in G-language System, especially focusing on the identification of binding sites, analysis of genomic compositional skews, and codons.
  • "G-language genome analysis environment with REST and SOAP web service interfaces", Arakawa K, Kido N, Oshita K, Tomita M, Nucleic Acids Res., 2010, 38 Suppl:W700-705 (PubMed).
This paper describes the REST/SOAP Web services of the G-language System.
  • "Visualizing Complex Omics Information - Scientific Visualization for Genomics and Systems Biology", Arakawa K, Yachie N, Tomita M, BIOforum Europe, 2008, 6:27-29 (PDF).
  • "Large-scale Modeling for Systems Biology", Arakawa K, Tomita M, BIOforum Europe, 2006, 10:54-55 (PDF).

Researches using G-language System

Genomic Compositional Skews:

  • "Quantitative analysis of replication-related mutation and selection pressures in bacterial chromosomes and plasmids using generalised GC skew index", Arakawa K, Suzuki H, Tomita M, BMC Genomics, 2009, 10:640. (PubMed)
  • "In silico prediction of the origin of replication among bacteria: a case study of bacteroides thetaiotaomicron.", Pallejà A, Guzman E, Garcia-Vallvé S, Romeu A, OMICS, 2008, 12(3):201-210. (PubMed)
  • "Selection effects on the positioning of genes and gene structures from the interplay of replication and transcription in bacterial genomes", Arakawa K, Tomita M, Evolutionary Bioinformatics, 2007, 3:279-286. (Publisher)
  • "The GC skew index: a measure of genomic compositional asymmetry and the degree of replicational selection", Arakawa K, Tomita M, Evolutionary Bioinformatics, 2007, 3:145-154. (Publisher)
  • "Noise-reduction filtering for accurate detection of replication termini in bacterial genomes", Arakawa K, Saito R, Tomita M, FEBS Letters, 2007, 581(2):253-258. (PubMed)


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  • "Measure of synonymous codon usage diversity among genes in bacteria", Suzuki H, Saito R, Tomita M, BMC Bioinformatics, 2009, 10:167. (PubMed)
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Gene structures:

  • "On the Interplay of Gene Positioning and the Role of Rho- Independent Terminators in Escherichia coli", Yachie N, Arakawa K, Tomita M, FEBS Letters, 2006, 580(30):6909-6914.(PubMed)
  • "On dynamics of overlapping genes in bacterial genomes.", Fukuda Y, Nakayama Y, Tomita M, Gene, 2003, 323:181-187. (PubMed)


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  • "Prediction of non-coding and antisense RNA genes in Escherichia coli with Gapped Markov Model.", Yachie N, Numata K, Saito R, Kanai A, Tomita M, Gene, 2006, 372:171-181. (PubMed)

Systems Biology:

  • "Multiple High-Throughput Analyses Monitor the Response of E. coli to Perturbations", Ishii N, Nakahigashi K, Baba T, Robert M, Soga T, Kanai A, Hirasawa T, Naba M, Hirai K, Hoque A, Ho PY, Kakazu Y, Sugawara K, Igarashi A, Harada A, Masuda T, Sugiyama N, Togashi T, Hasegawa M, Takai Y, Yugi K, Arakawa K, Iwata N, Toya Y, Nakayama Y, Nishioka T, Shimizu K, Mori H, Tomita M, Science, 2007, 316(5824): 593-597. (PubMed)

Software developed with G-language System

  • "Pathway Projector: Web-based Zoomable Pathway Browser using KEGG Atlas and Google Maps API", Kono N, Arakawa K, Ogawa R, Kido N, Oshita K, Ikegami K, Tamaki S, Tomita M, PLoS One, 2009, 4(11):e7710. (PubMed)
  • "Genome Projector: zoomable genome map with multiple views", Arakawa K, Tamaki S, Kono N, Kido N, Ikegami K, Ogawa R and Tomita M, BMC Bioinformatics, 2009, 10:31. (PubMed)
  • "Restauro-G: A Rapid Genome Re-Annotation System for Comparative Genomics", Tamaki S, Arakawa K, Kono N, Tomita M, Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics, 2007, 5(1): 53-58. (PubMed)
  • "MEGU: Pathway mapping web-service based on KEGG and SVG", Kono N, Arakawa K, Tomita M, In Silico Biology, 2006, 6(6):621-655. (PubMed)
  • "GEM System: Automatic prototyping of cell-wide metabolic pathway models from genomes", Arakawa K, Yamada Y, Shinoda K, Nakayama Y, Tomita M, BMC Bioinformatics, 2006, 7:168 (PubMed)
  • "Comprehensive software suite for bioinformatics analysis of cDNAs", Arakawa K, Suzuki H, Fujishima K, Fujimoto K, Ueda S, Matsui M, Tomita M, Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics, 2005, 3(3):179-188 (PubMed)
  • "KEGG-based pathway visualization tool for complex omics data", Arakawa K, Kono N, Yamada Y, Mori H, and Tomita M, In Silico Biology, 2005, 5:0039 (PubMed)
  • "Computational analysis of stop codon readthrough in D.melanogaster.", Sato M, Umeki H, Saito R, Kanai A, Tomita M, Bioinformatics, 2003, 19(11):1371-1380. (PubMed)
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